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Felicity Murphy is the Owner and Lead Photographer for CorpFoto. She has been shooting headshots and portraits, as well marketing and commercial photography in Los Angeles for over 15 years. Felicity has built a reputation for a wonderful mix of professionalism and ease; her warm nature, enthusiasm and talent help even the most nervous folks feel relaxed and in very capable hands.

The CorpFoto team is one of seasoned professionals;  we maintain a roster of some of L.A.'s best photographers, photo assistants, make-up artists,  grooming and hair stylists, and wardrobe stylists. Our roster of highly experienced industry pros is on hand to create the most polished, professional photography to help you put your best face forward. Oh, and they are all really nice people too!

We believe a friendly, comfortable environment creates the best images and we strive to create that on each and every shoot. Thank you for your interest in us and we look very much forward to meeting and working with you. 

Our clients can expect clear communication, knowledgeable and timely production, open collaboration in creative development and polished, professional final photography. We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, efficient and superior experience and product.

Corporate Photography covers a lot of terrain these days! Our clients use our corporate photography is many ways. Many folks need a business headshot to use on LinkedIn, or an executive headshot to use in internal and external collateral; some examples would be press kit photography, annual report photography, web site photography, and corporate image libraries. Publicity photography is also essential for any out-facing business; from social media photos to editorial photography, if a company has customers, shareholders and a place in the public eye, it needs great public relations photography to draw on.  Corporate Advertising photography is a big component of the work we do too. This is photography that a company or corporation pays to have placed in a publication or advertising space. The investment with this type of use can be huge, and therefore it is hugely important that the photography created for it is professional, crisp, on-message, beautiful, inspirational, evocative, specific, branded, and well, perfect! We pride ourselves on delivering this in each and every corporate photoshoot we do. It is a fantastic, creative process and we enjoy working through it with our clients. 

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